Electronic Visa to Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan E-visa – Online Application

From 15 July 2018, the e-visa portal began to operate in Uzbekistan. This allows a foreign citizen to obtain an electronic tourist visa without needing visa support from the Uzbek Foreign Ministry and without needing to visit a diplomatic mission of Uzbekistan abroad. Below you can find the details of the Uzbekistan e-visa and the procedure for obtaining it.

E-visa rules

The Uzbekistan e-visa portal issues a tourist visa that allows a single entry into Uzbekistan for a visit of up to 30 days and which is valid for 90 days from the date of issue. If, for example, a tourist enters Uzbekistan when his e-visa is only valid for 20 more days, his or her duration of stay in the country will be limited to 20 days.

The application on the portal must be made not less than 3 days before the trip to Uzbekistan as the application takes 2 working days to process. The cost of an electronic visa to Uzbekistan is US$20, and payment is made through the VISA payment system. Once a visa is granted, it is sent electronically (as a PDF file) to the applicant’s email address. Through the portal it is also possible to obtain a group tourist visa (for five or more adult foreign citizens). This is similar to the individual visa and the cost per person is also US$20 (however, the portal is currently in test mode, and during this time the group visa function is not available).

At the moment (July 2018), the Uzbekistan e-visa portal is available in Russian, English, and Uzbek.

Citizens of the following 76 countries can obtain Uzbekistan e-visas:


How to get an Uzbekistan e-visa

Step 1: Complete the application form

After entering the e-visa portal, the applicant must fill in an application form. This involves providing personal data, indicating the planned date of entry into Uzbekistan, and attaching a portrait photo together with a scanned copy of the applicant’s passport. If the applicant is a citizen of a country with which there is an agreement on visa-free entry to Uzbekistan, the application process is terminated and the applicant is notified that there is no need to obtain a visa.

Step 2: Activation and payment

After providing the information required, the applicant must indicate the e-mail address to which temporary link to the visa application and access code should be sent. After entering this code, the applicant will be able to pay for the Uzbekistan e-visa. After making the payment, the applicant will receive a second email that confirms the request has been received.

Step 3: Obtain a completed visa

The processing time is 2 working days (excluding the day the application is submitted). After this time, the applicant will receive a notification by email. If the visa has been granted, the applicant will receive an electronic visa in the form of a PDF file that can be saved on the phone or printed for presentation at the border. If the visa has not been granted, the applicant will also receive a notification by email. Reasons for the refusal may include an incorrectly completed application form, errors and inconsistencies in the information provided, or specific circumstances defined in Uzbekistan’s legislation. Even if the visa is not granted, the fee paid is not refundable.

Additional details and information

– The applicant is responsible for the accuracy of the information he or she provided and sent to him or her in circulation for obtaining an electronic visa to Uzbekistan.

– The applicant does not need to be the owner of the VISA card when paying the fee for an electronic visa.

– In case of future or additional applications for an electronic visa, the applicant must pay the fee again.

– The applicant must request an electronic visa for a valid passport. If the passport is replaced, the applicant must obtain a new visa.

– An applicant with dual citizenship must, when applying for an electronic visa, enter the data of the passport that he or she plans to use to enter Uzbekistan.

– The electronic visa is valid only upon presentation of the passport that matches the passport information provided through the portal as part of the visa application.

– An electronic visa is not affixed to the applicant’s passport.

– The citizens of some countries are not eligible for the simplified visa procedure. If the applicant chooses one of these countries when applying for an electronic visa, the system will notify the appropriate embassy or consulate of Uzbekistan abroad.

– When uploading his or her photograph, the applicant must follow the standards of the International Civil Aviation Organization (size 35×40 mm, quality 300 dpi, the face occupying 70-80% of the frame, a uniform background). When uploading a copy of the passport, the information should be clear and readable, and the file size should not exceed 500KB.

– If the applicant experiences technical problems when using the portal, he or she should contact (+998 71) 200-00-88, or send an email to info@evisa.gov.uz.